2016 has been quite the year so far huh? No matter what happened, it always seemed to be bring out the best, and the worst in people. And, due to social media, we learned that maybe we didn’t know our friends as well as we thought we did after they expressed opinions on whatever current event was happening at that time.

These past few weeks I have been struggling with the idea of how much of my day is taken up by being spiteful.  When I reply to an email from a co-worker I am not too fond of, am I responding in kindness? Or in spite? When a friend posts about how much they liked, or disliked, the results of the presidential election, am I responding to actually engage in a conversation and connect with them, or am I responding in my spite to elicit a response?

I have also been struggling with the idea of empathy, or lack there of. And I think, at least in my instance, empathy and spite go hand in hand. When I respond in spite to a coworker, friend, family member, am I being empathetic to their thoughts and opinions?  Do I actually really care what they have to say? Or am I solely concerned with my own agenda and will respond in anyway I see fit to make sure that gets across? I tend to think most days, it’s the latter.

We (mostly I) have been procrastinating on the new script (yes we are still working on one). It’s been a long time coming. I think if I pressed hard I would say this script has been worked on for close to ten years.  I finally decided it was the time to tell it, but I keep changing ideas, thoughts, moments, and speeches to fit my current mood. And when the initial story changes to fit my idea of an agenda I wanted to get across, I felt I needed to step back from it for a bit. To re-evaluate what I wanted out of it. I do think it’s getting better but if there is anything I don’t want the script to be, I don’t want it to be full of spite and lack empathy.

In spite of all of this (pun intended), given this special week, I do want to express thanks for a few things.

I am thankful that, good or bad, I get to wake up every morning and experience this life the way it is. Faults and all, life is worth living.

I am thankful to live in a country that allows everyone to express their opinions, for, or against, the government without a fear of being jailed. And that we have the freedoms to be critical of those in power.

I am thankful for the church I attend that sticks to the word as is and does not try to lessen the impact and the message to appease and be less offensive.

I am thankful for a business partner who works his butt off in various other parts of his life but is still willing to chat about my ideas on the current project. And also doesn’t hassle me for a final script.

I am thankful for my wife and kids who love me and support me and for whom are the reason I do everything I do.

And finally i am thankful for a God who sees all of us down here, being spiteful towards one another. Who sees us being selfish and lacking empathy to each other. Who sees us killing each other because of our ideas, orientation, or the color of skin. And yet He chooses to love us anyway.