I Will Love You Until I Can’t

While writing Camisado, Starr and I talked a lot about depression and the effects it has on your life. I will willingly admit that my view of depression and suicide was very narrow minded before then. Simply brushing it off as selfish. Calling suicide the ultimate act of cowardliness.  But I learned. And Starr explained to me what it was like to be in that frame of mind. And how one comes to develop these thoughts they have.

One of the things Eric has said and I agree with, is that after working on Camisado we have become more sensitive to seeing the signs in people. A one off comment here, a bandanna on the wrist there…talking about it made it more visible.

This week is Suicide Prevention Week. To learn more about that, please visit http://twloha.com/blog/welcome-national-suicide-prevention-week-2014

And in honor of this, we decided to put Camisado on YouTube for you all to watch for free.


Our hope is that it opens a dialogue with someone important to you. Someone you know who is struggling and you (or them) just can’t make the first move to open up.

The letter that Kyra writes in the movie is a real letter. I have it in my box of mementos. I looked it at today. In fact I took a picture of it. Because I wanted to remember one of the lines. The line I named this blog.

The best thing you can do for a friend who is struggling is to love them. Love them until you can’t anymore. Love them so much that they understand…things will be ok. They will be ok.

And if they want to talk, listen.

And if they need to talk to someone else. Please guide them here: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org