Happy Father’s Day

Today was Father’s day. It’s always such a weird time for me. The church as a whole seems to focus Mother’s day on moms and daughters. And Father’s day on Father’s and sons. Being a father of two daughters and no sons I always felt kind of left out.

As we watched a video today before the service it showed a son thanking his dad for showing him how to shave. How to cook a steak, how to fix a sink, etc. And I sit there lost and wondering, “what about dads and daughters?”  Shouldn’t their relationship be just as crucial?

Hopefully I won’t have to teach my daughters to shave, but I came to the realization a few years ago that I can still show them how to throw a ball. And how to change a tire. Show them how to spit properly.

I was so thankful when Eric wanted to shift the focus of WCWIO to focus on the father and daughter and there relationship. It was something I had always wanted to talk about. I think when you see it you see a man who grew up in a world where he was taught how to be a father to boys. But was slightly confused on how to be a dad to a girl.  And as he tries to do all these things to fix it, he forgets the one thing he should just do.

I think it’s a struggle all fathers of girls face. Certainly there is more to being their dad besides teaching them how to they should be treated. As I think that sells them short. And is a slight insult to what a dad can do.

So I want to say Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there. Dad’s of boys and girls. Just remember you have as much to show your daughter as you do your son. And both need you the same.