Life Imitating Art

Yesterday I went walking with a few people from work during our afternoon break. One of the people I walked with was a girl who is about 6 months pregnant. As we were walking she was talking about getting ready for the baby, bills, all the things one who is nesting discusses. Then she sighs ” Yeah I wish I had enough money so I didn’t have to work.” I let that soak in for a second and i was getting ready to respond, but I was too late. She was already on to something else.
But the words stayed with me all day.

It’s funny how art imitates life in places you never expect. The theme of having to work to support a lifestyle is one that is a huge influence in the works of 100fold films. Probably because both Eric and I work other jobs besides 100fold to support our lifestyles. Then we work on our films when we find the time between dinner, church, t ball practice, and sleep.

Most of those themes stem from Eric’s idea.  I know he likes to be humble about it and say most of Noble D was my idea. And it was, but my idea had no heart. No backbone. Nothing to give it meaning. It was just a story about kids on a ship that were being attached by…something.  Personally I don’t feel this story took shape until Eric came to me after what I assume was a bad day and expressed his frustration at our roles in life. It was only then that the story filled out and everything made sense.  It was what we needed for the story to feel…real.

We explore this frustration even more in our latest film, We Can Work It Out. This story was, again, Eric’s idea. We had actually written this a few years ago, before Camisado, and Noble D, but we never did anything with it. Now, after a rewrite we finally decided to get it made.  In this story we go a little more in depth with it. As we explore the implications this has on family.

I know this won’t be a main theme in all our works. We certainly have more to say than that. And our next film after WCWIO has a different story all together (more on that later). But, even in Camisado you can see it. You can see it in the father who wants to help but doesn’t know how. The father who wants his daughter to be better, but can’t stay with her all day. A father who has to deal with the fact that, somewhere along the way, it became the norm for the dad to leave the house to provide for his family.

Again, this pull between work and wanting to be home causes for a great story and I am really proud of what we have written and shot so far. I know WCWIO will be our best film to date. And  I hope you are looking forward to it as much as Eric and I are.