New Year, New Things

So The Noble D is set to be released this summer.

We have started to film our new movie, right now titled Camisad, this month.

We are already preplanning our third project and hoping to start on that soon.

Having a full time job on top of doing this makes socialĀ  networking hard, but we are working on doing better.

Soon we should have some behind the scenes videos up of our new show, so that should be exciting.

I Suppose An Update Is Due

In a lot of ways the story of our new show, The Noble “D” is a lot like my life, although I am not on a spaceship in the future
When writing a story, no matter how fictional it is, I always try to put some of myself in there. Some of my fears, my struggles, and my hopes.
The character I play in the show is basically me, and I wanted it that way.
It’s cathartic to play a character who has your struggles. You can deal with them by removing yourself from them. By playing a role. When I wrote how my character interacted with the main character I did it with the intention of mirroring a relationship I had in the past. And when I write some of the words, sometimes it hurts. Knowing that some of the words I had Olivia say were spoken by someone else at another time. Words that hurt me back then. Words that only sting now.

Not to speak for him, but I know that it was the same way with Eric and his character. When Eric and I sat down to talk about a story to write, naturally we started talking about our life. Work, family, kids. And we started saying these things that seemed to fit so well in a narrative form. Why can’t a fictional character in the future struggle with the same things I do?
Why can’t a father trying to make the best life for his kids, slip away and turn into the things he despised?
Sometimes it sneaks up on us. As I look back on this blog and I see that we haven’t posted in over a year, it doesn’t surprise me. But it doesn’t make me happy either.
We were working hard in that year. But, just like the characters on the ship, time passes and things happen, and you forget. You forget your intentions. You forget what you started out to do. You forget your hopes and dreams and go on auto pilot (pun intended) and just coast through hoping to survive.
The Noble “D” started off as a simple idea. It didn’t take long to grow into more.
Yes it’s a simple show about a simple concept. But to me, and others, it’s as personal as it gets. And I for one am proud of every second of footage we recorded.
We hope to have a great and many things to come. We are working on getting the show to places. And we are writing the script for a second short now.
We all have stories to tell. And I want to tell them all

First Steps

Hi all.
I just wanted to give a quick backstory and update on what we are doing at this point in time.

First off, I thought the idea of a blog on here would be neat. Kind of a diary of sorts where we, the creators, could talk about our creation process and how things are going while they are happing. Perhaps we can read this later when are memories are broken and jaded, and see how things really were.
We attempted to film our first project over the summer. It over whelmed us to say the least. But we did learn. A lot.
We plan to take what we learned and, using the same excitment and drive, start a new project for the fall. The story has been drafted out and the script should have a first draft in a couple weeks.
As you can tell by reading this we have an official website now. I guess that makes us official. We had our first “official” meeting yesterday via Skype (a first for me) and things went well. It seems our new project is up and running.

More updates to come!

Hello world.

Those are often the first words we type when trying out something new. And that’s what we at 100fold are doing, and not only with this blog. Peeking our head up to check things out. Good things are ahead.